New Year Resolutions

It is that time of year again where many of us write down our resolutions: Be more healthy, exercise more, save money, learn a new … Read More »

Social Media

Pope Francis is one of the most popular and talked about persons on the web. The Pope has a Twitter accounts in several languages, and … Read More »


This week we begin a new year in our journey of faith.  We also begin to prepare to commemorate, to remember and to celebrate the birth of … Read More »

The Dignity of Human Life

Earlier this month, 29 year old newlywed Brittany Maynard, who was suffering from terminal brain cancer, ended her life in the US State of Oregon, … Read More »

Someone Who Has Taken Action

Someone Who Has Taken Action Musician Sarah McLachlan’s recently made the decision to make her own music video for $15 instead of paying her production … Read More »

Symphony of the Seasons

A Symphony of the Seasons – this year’s reflective path was held in the cloisters of Mater Dei as part of a mediation for the … Read More »