Advent and Mercy

Advent is a way of preparing ourselves to welcome God into our lives each day. During the four weeks of Advent we try to make … Read More »


Diwali Diwali (or Divali) is a Hindu festival of light that is celebrated every year in October or November. The date changes because the Hindu … Read More »

The Feast of All Souls

This Monday, November 2, the Catholic Church celebrates the Commemoration of All Faithful Departed, or the Feast of All Souls. On this day, we pray … Read More »

What is Joy?

Each day, human beings around the world wake up, eat, work, attend to family, and go back to sleep. The circle of life continues over and over again. … Read More »

Laudato Si’

Sunday, October 4 was the feast day of St Francis of Assisi. The thirteenth-century Italian monk has been venerated for centuries as the patron saint … Read More »

Inside out!

The new Pixar film Inside Out was released during the summer holidays and has prompted viewers, both young and old, to take a look inside their own … Read More »