Diwali Diwali (or Divali) is a Hindu festival of light that is celebrated every year in October or November. The date changes because the Hindu calendar follows the cycles of the moon. This week Diwali will be celebrated on November 11. Diwali celebrates the defeat of the evil demon Ravana by the hero Rama, who Hindus believe was the god Vishnu in human form. The day begins with people decorating their prayer areas at home. They thank God for their families and pray for a great new year with health, wealth and good luck. Diwali symbolizes going from darkness to light, the start of the Hindu New Year and a celebration for Indians of all religions all over the world. They light the roads with little lamps to show them the way home. It is a huge celebration. Before Diwali begins Hindus send cards to their friends and family.   This Week: Create a prayer space at home or school with lanterns and lights and pray that all people will overcome the darkness and light will come into their lives. Get up early on the morning of November 11 and watch the darkness turn into light. Send a card for someone you have not seen in a while to let them know you are thinking of them. Wish your Hindu friends a happy new year or use your social media as a way to do this. Research the different countries that celebrate the festival of lights. There may be a festival of light in your local area, go and support it and light a candle for peace and harmony between all religions.