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At the gate of the new year

We stand in the new year with hope and expectation, and possibly some fear and unknowing. These are feelings that would have been familiar to … Read More »

Prayer to the Holy Family

At their Winter General Meeting in Maynooth, the Irish Catholic Bishops announced that copies of the Prayer to the Holy Family will be available in … Read More »

2nd week of Advent

This is the second week of Advent. This week we light the peace candle on the Advent wreath. It is significant that the second week … Read More »

May they all be one

On October 24 we celebrate the seventy-first anniversary of the United Nations. The United Nations came into being in the aftermath of two horrendous world … Read More »

Remember, Rejoice, Reach Out

This week Jewish people celebrate the Festival of Sukkot. It is a festival of remembering and rejoicing. It recalls the forty-year period when the Israelites … Read More »