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Hosanna to Alleluia

As we navigate this week from the initial cries of “Hosanna” through “Crucify Him” to “Alleluia” we are invited on several journeys that remind us … Read More »

And the Oscar goes to…

We probably heard these lines repeated several times yesterday as various awards were given to members of the film industry. We watched as the audience … Read More »

Who do you say I am?

“But who do you say I am?” (Mt 16:15) We all know the standard answer to “Who is Jesus?” Our Catechism gave us that answer. … Read More »

Love and service

Love your Neighbour as yourself (Mk 12:31) This week is bookended by Valentine’s Day(14 Feb) and the World Day of Social Justice(20 Feb). What might … Read More »

Advent and Mercy

Advent is a way of preparing ourselves to welcome God into our lives each day. During the four weeks of Advent we try to make … Read More »