As we navigate this week from the initial cries of “Hosanna” through “Crucify Him” to “Alleluia” we are invited on several journeys that remind us of the reality of the Jesus story reflected in our personal faith story and the story of the world we live in. This week gives us the opportunity to enter into each of these stories conscious of our own prejudice, bias and fragility, but aware of our need, with Jesus, to “resolutely set out for Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51). This setting out is a journey of steadfast commitment to walk humbly, love tenderly and act justly (Micah 6:8). Even if this road leads us by way of the cross and empty tomb through a sense of pain, grief, loss and abandonment, we know that we are intrinsically an Easter people, a people of hope. This week coincides with the United Nations asking us to stand in solidarity with our forests (March 21); our water resources (March 22); with people struggling against racism (March 21); with people suffering gross human rights violations (March 24); and with victims of slavery and those detained unjustly or missing (March 25). In the suffering of the earth and its people we hear the cry of the suffering Jesus. The Hindu festival of Holi sits right in the middle of this week. It celebrates the advent of spring with joy and colour. It is a festival that celebrates hope and new life with unbridled joy and exuberance. It reflects the joy of the disciples on that first Easter Sunday and lifts the shouts of Alleluia! In the words of Pope Francis, this week reminds us that, “God is not absent …God is close and does great works …for those who trust in Him. We must not give way to despair, but continue to be certain that good overcomes evil and that the Lord will wipe every tear and free us from all fear. The Lord is faithful. He does not abandon us to desolation. God loves with an everlasting love, which not even sin can stop, and thanks to Him man’s heart is filled with joy and consolation.”   READ: God Is Not Absent WATCH: The Lord Hears The Cry Of The Poor CONSIDER: Lets Fight Racism