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May they all be one

On October 24 we celebrate the seventy-first anniversary of the United Nations. The United Nations came into being in the aftermath of two horrendous world … Read More »

Remember, Rejoice, Reach Out

This week Jewish people celebrate the Festival of Sukkot. It is a festival of remembering and rejoicing. It recalls the forty-year period when the Israelites … Read More »

Come, whoever you are.

We enter this week under the cloud of Hurricane Matthew wreaking havoc and chaos. We remain mindful of the many that are and will be … Read More »

The Peace of Autumn

Recent events around the world have alerted us to the fragility of peace in our world. This week, in which we mark the International Day … Read More »

Hosanna to Alleluia

As we navigate this week from the initial cries of “Hosanna” through “Crucify Him” to “Alleluia” we are invited on several journeys that remind us … Read More »

And the Oscar goes to…

We probably heard these lines repeated several times yesterday as various awards were given to members of the film industry. We watched as the audience … Read More »