Wednesday, September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day 2014. It is a day honoured by a range of people –survivors of suicide, families and friends of the people who lost loved ones by suicide, and the many volunteers and practitioners worldwide who work to alleviate suffering through research and practices. Emotional pain is just as serious as physical pain. It is important that we encourage our families and friends to talk to someone if we find they are not feeling emotionally well. They’ll need your compassion and kindness at this low point. And they’ll also need professional support. Pieta House the centre for the prevention of self-harm or suicide and is a respected and recognised service for those who are in suicidal distress. Pieta House now has a staff of 170 and the demand for services hasn’t is constant. In 2013, nearly 4,000 people came to Pieta House for help and the numbers are rising all the time.   This Week:
  • Organise a memorial services, events, candlelight ceremonies or walks to remember those who have died by suicide. Toro Nagashi, or “lantern floating” is a traditional Japanese custom involving the release of candlelit paper lanterns (on which the names of loved ones are transcribed) into a river to symbolise the guiding of the souls of deceased family members and/or friends toward peace, while celebrating and honouring their memory.
  • Light a candle near a window at 8pm in support of World Suicide Prevention Day, suicide prevention and awareness, survivors of suicide and for the memory of loved lost ones.
  • Join the official World Suicide Prevention Day Facebook Event Page 
  • Some resources you might find useful.
  • The Little Flower Bulb: Suitable for children aged 3 to 8, this beautifully illustrated book will be helpful for parents when talking to children bereaved by the suicide of a close relative. Click here to receive 25% off this publication for the month of September:
  • Cover Up: Understanding Self-Harm is a guide for parents, teachers, therapists or anyone who lives with, supports or provides therapy for people who self-harm: