The seasons have changed.

The colours of autumn are so wonderful and refreshing! Summer greens change to red and orange / yellow and crimson / even purple. Autumn is an inviting time of year for us to reflect on change. Not only does the outer world change, but our inner world changes as well. People grow. Life circumstances shift. Each of us moves in a variety of ways that alter how we live and act.

How have you changed?

No doubt, you are different today than you were yesterday. Much different than you were a year ago… and probably entirely different than you were 5 and 10 years ago. What do you notice that is different in how you think? How you make decisions? What you like and don’t like? Jesus is constantly inviting us to change our hearts and grow closer to God. This season of autumn gives us great motivation to take some extra time and pray about the big and small ways that we are trying to make changes in our own selves. So here are a few questions that you can take to prayer. Write your answer in a journal or even consider sharing them with a trustworthy friend.
  1. How have I grown in my ability to create deep and lasting relationships?
  2. What have I learned about forgiveness and reconciliation?
  3. Where do I need to cultivate deeper love in my life?
Change is a good thing. Work toward positive change in your life.