The theme of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was, ‘The Well is Deep’. This theme was inspired by the story in the Gospel according to John, when Jesus encounters the Samaritan women at the well and asks her for a drink. “Give me to drink” implies an ethical action that recognises the need for one another in living out the Church’s mission. It compels us to change our attitude, to commit ourselves to seek unity in the midst of our diversity, through our openness to a variety of forms of prayer and Christian spirituality. Pope Francis started Church Unity Week by praying before the tomb of St. Paul with a number of leaders from other Church traditions. At the end of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Pope Francis said, ‘May we thirst for the unity Jesus wanted for his disciples’.     Here are a number of quotes Pope Francis said about Church unity.  
  • Jesus’ actions teach us that “encounter with those who are different from ourselves can make us grow.”
  • “To understand one another, grow in charity & truth, we need to pause, accept & listen to one another”.
  • “Divided Christians must try to grasp what unites them — the call to share the mystery of God’s love revealed in Jesus”.
  • “The closer Christians draw to Christ, the closer they draw to one another”.
  • “Will the Son of God return & find us still discussing points of Christian division”?
  This week;
  • Attend a prayer service or event in a different Church and encourage others to attend.
  • Read John 4:1-42 and ask what is the story is saying to you.
  • Read these interesting facts about Ecumenism:
  • Continue the theme and friendship of Church Unity throughout the year by setting up a Facebook page/blog encouraging others to work for Church unity not just during Church Unity Week but throughout the year.