For Christians, Easter is the most important event in the Liturgical Year. ¬†At this time of year, the days begin to lengthen. In the pre-Christian world, the egg was a common symbol of spring festivals, from Rome to China. The egg symbolised the rebirth of the earth in springtime after a long winter. The tradition for eggs to be decorated with colours and symbols and given as gifts became popular. Christianity retained the egg as a symbol of Easter, its major springtime celebration. It now symbolised the risen Christ emerging from the tomb. Eggs were painted with religious symbols: the triangle representing the Father, Son and Spirit was very common, as were pictures of Jesus emerging from the tomb. In recent years, the practice of painting eggs for Easter has been replaced with the giving of chocolate eggs as gifts. It is important to remind ourselves, that this time of year is not just about chocolate, and giving gifts to one another. As we enter into the season of Holy Week may it be a week of reflection on the meaning of Easter.   This Week: Pray, fast and Give;
  • Pray for all who suffer from despair , dark times and depression that they will know Christ is with them through this tough time.
  • Fast from any negativity as you go about your day to day activities
  • Give a donation of food, clothes, or money to those in need.