February 3 is the Feast Day of St Blaise, the day on which Catholics traditionally have their throats blessed. In order to do so, two candles are blessed, held slightly open, and pressed against the throat as the following blessing is said: “May, Almighty God, through the prayers of St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr, bless us and protect us from sickness of the throat. Amen.@   St Blaise’s protection of those with throat troubles apparently comes from a legend that a boy was brought to him who had a fishbone stuck in his throat. The boy was about to die when Saint Blaise healed him. St Blaise is also considered to be patron saint of vegetarians and sick cattle are given the blessing of St Blaise. Legends say that one of the products of St Blaise’s holiness was that even the most wild of animals became his companions without causing any harm to him.   This week:
  • The Feast of St Blaise is celebrated in Spain by people baking sweet bread and sharing with family and friends. Why not organise a cake/bread baking evening and share them with family and friends?
  • Attend the blessing of throat ceremony
  • Pray for those who have lost their voice – in any sense – that they will gain strength to speak up for themselves.