Last week, journalist James Foley was executed by ISIS terrorists. An interesting article was written about James and how his faith and prayer helped him through difficult times. Marquette Magazine published this article written by James during an earlier imprisonment in Libya and it appeared in the fall 2011 issue of Marquette Magazine following his first capture earlier that year. Foley was killed in August 2014 following a second capture in 2012.  He wrote how prayer sustained him during this time: ‘I began to pray the rosary. It was what my mother and grandmother would have prayed. I said ten Hail Mary’s between each Our Father. It took a long time, almost an hour to count one hundred Hail Mary’s off on my knuckles. And it helped to keep my mind focused’. James Foley’s is an amazing story of faith in times of difficulty. We pray that his faith and prayer sustained him during his last imprisonment before he was tragically killed.   This week, challenge yourself to a week of prayer and reflection. There are many ways you can do this: