A terrible 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal last month. The worst to hit Nepal in over 80 years, it left more than a thousand people dead and triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest.  It is times like this when we question the existence of God as we watch in horror in the comfort of our homes the devastation that has occurred to these innocent people. The famous theologian Elie Wiesel wrote, in his book ‘Night’, his horrifying account of the holocaust and his image of God. Where was God during this time? He wrote “Here hanging on the gallows”. The media has captured harrowing photos and videos of the people in Nepal working together to recover and take care of the victims while surrounded by utter devastation. It is here we see the face of God and feel God’s presence during these horrific times.   This Week:
  • Watch this video https://animoto.com/play/4kj2ET32zJIkh3SiuC51EA which serves as an excellent awareness of the Nepal earthquake
  • Light a candle for the victims of the earthquake
  • Donate some money for the people of Nepal by organizing a cake sale/ table quiz in your local community