Summer is finally upon us! Can you hear the collective sigh of relief as we think of ways to just relax?? Teachers are always teachers however, and so we know that your antennae remain up to spot innovative and inspiring ideas for your students and so the following is offered as an invitation: This year, Pope Francis will launch his Year of Mercy, so you could consider viewing some films that demonstrate palpable acts of mercy from real life as an enhancement of this theme. One suggestion is to view the new film ‘Noble’ which tells the story of an Irish woman, Christine Noble. Christine overcame great personal obstacles in order to help orphans and abandoned children in Vietnam over the last 26 years. Another suggestion is to view the series, ‘Call the Midwife’ on Netflix.  It is based on the true account of the work of midwives in post World War II London and written by Jennifer Worth. One can’t view any episode without being touched by acts of mercy done by the simple people of the East End. Finally, might we add that ‘Les Miserables’ by Victor Hugo is the all-time winner of the Mercy award.  Some of the old black and whites are absolutely profound and of course the new ones with the stunning music can’t help but inspire!   We wish you all a relaxing, healthy and safe summer holidays!