Last Sunday’s Gospel was the story of Thomas, and of Jesus’ message, “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” The story of ‘Doubting Thomas’ is aimed at all who will not see the Risen Lord, yet are asked to believe. We are called to believe in what we cannot see or hear or touch, when even those closest to Jesus had problems in accepting what was happening. Thomas wanted to believe in the Risen Jesus, but he wasn’t the sort of person to pretend he understood something when he didn’t. He wasn’t the sort of person that could pretend that he didn’t have doubts when he did. Jesus was patient with him and showed him what he needed to see. In the same way, the Risen Jesus will show us the way forward. Christ is always in our midst inviting us to touch him and to believe. It important to remember that doubt can be a good thing. Doubt means that we are still questioning something that we care about. Doubt means that we are still looking for answers, that we are still learning and growing.   This week:
  • Many people embark on some sort of religious pilgrimage to find answers and meaning in their lives. Why not organise a pilgrim walk in your community for people to experience?
  • Practise letting go of doubts on a daily basis by lighting a candle and praying to God for help