How do you feel when someone is kind to you?  Have you ever watched the movie Pay it Forward, based on the novel by Catherine Ryan Hide?  A young boy finds a simple way to try and help do some good in the world by offering a random act of kindness to three people and instead of payment or looking for something in return the three people must offer an act of kindness to three more people and the act of kindness is continued to three more people. In Scripture Jesus reminds us in the Beatitudes about the power of kindness. Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.  On Saturday 19th of February saw the start of the Act of Kindness week for 2015 in Ireland. Make this week a week of kindness and remember be kind to yourself.   This Week,
  • Watch the movie Pay it Forward for some inspiration.
  • Read and pray The Beatitudes as a reminder of what our Christian faith is all about.
  • Pay for someone’s cup of coffee
  • Get the next person’s food, toll, petrol, etc in the queue behind you.
  • Help someone out in need
  • On a rainy day, buy a few umbrella’s and give them to those who don’t have one and are getting wet.
  • Remember to ask the person to pay it forward
  • Browse through the Act of Kindness website for inspiration
      “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” Mother Teresa